Aksrshan Mani


A budding new gen designer Akarshan Mani with his designer label “SITARA “ presented the  collection with eleanor – an illumination of  light leading the runway to shine. His inspiration for the collection was galaxy highlighting the stars as the element from it, this collection was full of traditional modernity.

He stated that his friends often tell him that they are more interested in the world behind the sunny day, which gives relaxed feeling of starry night so he incorporated the concept to his collection. We witnessed that all garments were interesting in their own way directing towards making the world aware that stars like are like sequences, they add beauty to a women in the same way stars add beauty the dark night.


 Sequence plays a very iconic element in fashion which gives the royal and rich look. It is also associated to modern style fashion therefore Sitara was personified by the sequence as an element to give the feel of stars to his ensemble.



The highlight of the show was INDIA NEXT TOP MODEL RUNNER UP  NISHA YADAV who graced the ramp with her personified beauty spreading the shine to the head ramp. If talking about her garment was full flared white gown portraying the symbol of purity



In words of the designer “he believes in the end that we all are pure from the soul and we see the moon which is in the purest colour i.e. white".

Sitara by Akarshan Mani's LookBook

So my collection is based on stars which are completed by the moon. The moon is a feminine symbol, universally representing the rhythm of time. The phases of the moon symbolize immortality and eternity, enlightenment and the Nature herself.


Sitara by Akarshan Mani