Aksrshan Mani


A budding new gen designer Akarshan Mani with his collection “AYANNA“ designers embellishments has made the collection elegant contemporary and luxurious.


His inspiration for the collection was the beauty of nature and African flowers.


The designer has embellished his garments to show the beauty of life by the elements of nature in which flowers place very important role.

It symbolizes the love, and a gift of nature and it also connect with the purity and Innocence of women .



Ayanna by Akarshan Mani's LookBook



Crystals and pearls are embellished to give iconic look interesting floral motifs moving over the fabric and the essence of butterfly also have been used to show how life is beautiful.

Collection Ayanna by Akarshan Mani


Akarshan Mani showcased ​this is new contemporary version of couture in which silhouettes very much modern,  pastel tones are picked up along with a pinch of red that bright should smeared with auspicious energy of the colour in the contemporary age as well at the ramp of Couture Runway Week, Season - 3.