The three-piece suit is a story that has been told and retold throughout the years and is a tale that never really gets old. This iconic ensemble represents the past, present and future of men’s fashion, making it a truly versatile addition to any wardrobe.

        While fashion changes from season to season, classic formal wear goes at a steady pace. Think of it as of a respectable gentleman who knows what works best for him, but who is still open-minded to new ideas – even if those new ideas are simply the old ideas, reinvented. That slow and steady progression means subtle changes in formal wear are worth noting – here are the updates we’re seeing.

Wider Lapels

The reign of the skinny suit is finally over – its tight, low-waisted trousers, cropped jackets, high armholes and very slim lapels are slowly losing their grip on men’s fashion. Many reputable classic menswear brands are introducing wider jacket lapels – not to the extremes of the 70s, but an elegant increase in width of two to three centimetres. This dramatically changes the visual perception, making the wearer’s chest look more prominent and defined, and slimming the waist.



Micro Pattern Shirts

The simplest way to make your corporate wardrobe work is to fill it with plain white and blue shirts and plain suits. It’s an almost go-to combination for a fuss-free outfit in the morning and for those who consider their work wear a uniform, there’s nothing more painful than choosing the most appropriate tie for the shirt and then trying to match it with a suit and shoes as well. But while this utilitarian approach to formal wear simplifies the process, it lacks the opportunity for individuality. The answer is to introduce subtle patterns into shirts – while some brave sartorialists are opting for bold, large patterns, we consider micro-patterns to be more appropriate for office wear. They will blend seamlessly with even the most conservative range of suits and ties, while still offering a touch of character.

formal-attire next-img-5.jpg

Smart Knitwear

 This is perhaps the best rule on this list, and the most effective way of transforming your formal attire. Simply swap your shirt for a fine gauge knit – whether that is a crew neck, roll neck or Breton stripe. This immediately helps to strip away the business-like connotations of the suit, and gives off a contemporary look and feel that simply can’t be achieved with a shirt and tie.

For Shoes, think versatility

 What’s the use in having multiple pairs of similar shoes that serve different purposes when you can have one pair that does it all? Save your cash and look for versatility when shopping for footwear on the smarter end of the spectrum. A pair of Derby shoes is always a good option but look for something a little more robust that’ll pair well with jeans as well as tailoring.

Alternatively, try a traditionally formal style – a monk strap or Chelsea boot – but with a chunky commando rubber sole bolted on for ultimate smart casual prowess.

thaiel slim fit trousers -ted 1.jpg

Cuffed Trousers

Classic suit trousers have gone through countless style variations. They have been high-waisted, low-waisted, wide-legged to the floor, generous in the thigh but tapered at the ankle, or slim cut with a flared bottom. More recent iterations have been low-waisted with a slimline in the leg, flat-fronted (without pleats), and plain from top to bottom. A smart look, but perhaps a touch unadventurous. A recent change in a formal menswear landscape has added an exciting detail – it’s now official: classic trousers can be cuffed. This small detail can change the look of a pair of trousers considerably. A simple cuff puts more focus on your shoes (so they must be of good quality and well-polished) and improves the drape of the trousers. The extra weight of the cuff pulls the fabric straight, giving a sharper, more polished look

trainers - digel.jpg

Try Trainers

Ah, the age old debate of whether trainers can be worn with a suit. We’ll end it here: yes, it can be done. It’s very easy to get wrong though. The trick is to tone everything down – the suit should be unstructured and made from a more casual fabric such as cotton; wear a T-shirt instead of a shirt, and tailor the hems of your trousers with no break. Oh, and the sneakers themselves should be minimal, too.

knitwear- hnm.jpg

Vardy cotton blend polo shirt

The polo shirt returns for another season of summertime smarts – a staple of any man’s collection of trusty all-rounders. This Vardy edition has a chest pocket and added detail inside the collar. For the man who wants to maintain that classic and classy look when he’s off-duty.

polo tshirt.jpg

If you want colour, Go earthy

Navy and grey will always be the most popular options, but a colourful suit can make for a striking choice. If in doubt stick to earthy colours of deep greens and browns, which are flattering for most skin tones and keep the rest of the look simple to allow the suit to take centre stage.

Thaiel slim fit troursers

 These trousers are for a more laidback style – perfect for both a day in the office or a night on the town (you could always rolls the hems for a more casual finish). However you wear them, there’s a contemporary feel with the flat front and slim fit.


Styling Mantra


Ties and pocket squares come in a myriad of colors, fabrics and motifs – the secret to the perfect pairing lies in how they contrast with each other. If you have a silk tie with a decorative motif, choose a solid-colored pocket square in an opaque fabric like cotton or linen.