International School of Design



Under the mentorship and guidance of Mr. Sunjey Aggarwal (Founder & CEO of INSD) provided a platform and opportunity for new gen budding designers with an idea to create a place where young creative minds will have the freedom to pursue their imaginations.

INSD is not a college; it is an environment, an eco-system that allows raw talent to brush itself up in the right way. It's an incubator for creativity.

The show presented by INSD comprised 4 collections done by groups of students called Stance; Lionhearted; Outlandish and Vociferous.


The confidence that today’s generation carries is their stance, that is attitude which makes them embrace their individuality and bring out the person they are though their dressing and styling. Breaking all the stereotypes, today’s generation is all about bringing out their personality and saying out loud that they can be what they want, live how they want and wear what they like. Hence they go by the saying, “Clothes means nothing until someone lives in them.



Lionhearted presented the collection depicting something bold and being fearless. 

Like a lion you know, fight for what you stand for. A Lion heart would stand out in the crowd with boldness and in the most gracious way.




Outlandish refers to something really unique taken from the past vintage generation and setting them in the new generation and making it look more voguish and attractive. Adding more charm to it with vintage accessories and headgears.



Vociferous (By INSD Interior Department) - Presented the Insd-ians confidence to change any interiors through their way of thinking and putting imagination in design.


When asked the founder & CEO Mr. Sunjey Aggarwal of  INSD for the inspiration which aspired them to work on the collection , he stated


“The grand INSD fashion show with CONTEMPORARY DESIGNS as its core theme rightly named 'THINK DESIGN' travels you across all boundaries of design and witness the extraordinary creations at its glamorous best”


The style mantra which INSDIANS follow is that “they always try to inculcate the practical factors of life in their designs, as you can see them using personalities - confidence in one of the collection, boldness in the other, taking the old retro theme and adding patterns like stripes to one etc. The students always create something they can relate to, making their designs very real and close to them.”


The styling tips shared by INSDIANS for our audience and viewers are as follows


“The only styling tips we follow and would like to give out is - "Your Designs Should Be Who You Are!" What personality you carry as a person, what inspires your style, who're your idols should reflect in your designs. Another one is, Weather appropriate fabric and light colours is #1 priority to beat the heat!”

INSD-ian's LookBook