Avi Roy


Couture runway week, season-3 also supported new gen designers to bloom at the event by bringing out their best talent and skills on the runway, one of the talented designers was an aspiring knitwear design student AVI ROY who strongly believes in creativity through pragmatic solutions.

An outfit by Avi Roy from his collection


"Simplicity has always been my vocational instinct that i intend to build on"– says the designer.

His design philosophy revolves around the elements of nature.


Jugnu by Avi Roy's LookBook


The runway witnessed something out of the box concept based on fire fly JUGNU.


The concept was mainly based on the glitch or a wave which is left behind by the bioluminescent lightening bug called JUGNU.


The extraction of the inspiration is from the form of energy which flows from the lower abdomen of a firefly.it is a cold energy which is captured when the firefly is traveling through the air emitting flirty flashes.

Collection JUGNU by Avi Roy