The CRW runway witnessed a beautiful amalgamation of history and rich culture of American native tribe. The collection presented by the ace designer Kusum Pilania was about the concept of sustainability and free spirit, the overall look of the collection was the occasion of boho with indo western silhouettes revolving around the tribal crafts and Indian rich textile.

The collection holds a beautiful combination of appliqued motifs and Sujani (kantha stitch) embroidery on the garments made from linen, cotton & khadi silk to demonstrate the commitment towards sustainable fashion.

She stated that “ her design inspiration comes from 'the Tlingit American native tribe' – bearers of an extensive history and rich culture .

The collection “THE INDIE CULT “  is a melange making tribal contemporary for the Indian market   




When asked the designer about her inspiration behind the collection?



Her styling mantra is about ease and comfort yet keeping it stylish and modest.

She adds that nothing makes you look prettier in whatever clothes you wear than glowing skin, positive energy and being physically fit.

"Just feel free, comfortable and confident."

The Indie Cult by Kusum  Pilania

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