MOhammed Javed


A multi – talented designer Mohammed Javed stole the show with his elegant and attractive designs showcasing his artistic brilliance as competent designer. The designer who works as assessor and guest lecturer at various fashion institutes, giving encouragement to the new talents in the industry led the runway shine with the charismatic aura of his designs.


A man with an exemplary flair in designing and an unwavering passion for fashion made the runway witness his impeccable talent through the collection leading to applauds as rewards for him.


The designer loves to keep his garments simple and artistic with a dosage of vintage meeting his Indian design sensibility as an exposure to international fashion, creating one of its kind pieces with poetic yet contemporary expression.



He also employs traditional techniques on modern silhouettes to tell the worldly stories.



His present collection at COUTURE RUNWAY WEEK SEASON 2 was inspired by super hero Spiderman’s web and the look of the models by Arabian men.


The collection holded beautiful use of crochet net kurtas tied up with long yoga pants .The color tone used was black to give a dull effect to the collection keeping it very earthy.

Mohammed Javed's LookBook


The designer also talked about his style mantra when asked stating


“that a passion for bringing and trying new change in the concepts and cuts adds as a motivation factor to his style leading an urge to design more comfortable ensemble leading a sense of confident and being precious.”

Collection by Mohammed Javed

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