Hurting the sentiments of Hindus – The Saga Continues

The ‘secular-liberal’ media having the dubious distinction of maligning Hindu festivals have now stepped up their fight towards demonizing Hindus and the customs and traditions they hold sacred.

Recently Journalist Sushmita Sinha is being criticized over social media. It is not about the left-leaning content she had posted but about a video that she made against fasting on Teej. where she is purportedly using Haritalika Teej Vrat Katha as toilet paper. Yesterday Heer Khan was arrested by the UP police whose video got viral in which she is abusing Hindu God Ram and Goddess Sita.

In the month of May this year ISKCON lodged a complaint against actress and stand-up comedian Surleen Kaur and entertainment company ‘Shemaroo’ for insulting the organisation and Hindus.

This has become a trend now to defame our culture either by Bollywood directors or these so called cheap low-grade Comedians who can't uplift their narrow thinking capacity above waist. Where are the all feminist who don't have issue with such comic being served? These cheap comedians won't stop doing this shitty shows on the name of comedy. I dare Surleen Kaur to do another show similarly to this one where I could find her making fun of other religions. Does she have guts to speak anything against Allah or Jesus for that matter???

No, she won't do it because she along with many others don't have guts to do it. Earlier in the month of May, complaint was filed against comedian Sanjay Rajoura for mocking Hindu gods and goddesses and hurting religious sentiments. Surleen Kaur along with many others know that they will bash them and wont spare to hear any kind of bad words against their religion. We have become so dormant that these low grade, less earning comedians finds it very easy to make fun of our eternal Sanatan Dharma As there ain't any option left for them to make fun of rather than our Dharma, We Sanatans are used to hear this kinda stuff that it doesn't matter anymore. To some extent we ourselves are responsible for this as we have let them do so without any interference but now, we won’t. Always remember that "Silence is a sign of approval" and if you do so, in a way, you want them to continue and supporting them. Sanatans start raising voice for yourself unless it is too late.

It is very clear from the examples cited above that so-called Indian stand-up comedians hold no fear over mocking Hindu gods and traditions. While barely any prominent gods were spared by the comedians, their hate appears to be maintaining an almost blanket silence when it comes to mocking Abrahamic faiths.