Swadeshi app 'Kaagaz Scanner' - An alternative to CamScanner

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

CamScanner, a profoundly mainstream application for scanning and storing documents, has been restricted by the government of India as it falls under the 59 Chinese applications that were boycotted for information and privacy concerns.

Capitalizing on this alleged "application vacuum" and riding on the predominant enemy of China conclusion, Indian startup Sorted AI has apparently coded a CamScanner alternative that intends to give clients an 'Indian' application to scan documents. Named 'Kaagaz Scanner', the application has been downloaded more than 1 lakh times within one day of CamScanner being prohibited, and is currently gaining extensive interest on the Google Play Store.


Kaagaz Scanner plans to do precisely what CamScanner used to, just in an Indian pretense. CamScanner was boycotted considering its connections to China. Since it was beings used rapidly to scan personal identification as well as other important documents on the cloud server of an application facilitated in China was regarded as a security infringement. It is this that Sorted AI's 'Kaagaz Scanner' plans to capitalize on, and occupy the void left open by promoting an 'Swadeshi option'.

Discussing upon the application through a LinkedIn post, Gaurav Shrishrimal, the founder of Sorted AI, the organization behind Kaagaz Scanner, stated, " We built Kaagaz Scanner as a side project after the call of our Prime Minister for ‘Vocal For Local’ and ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’.

As soon as we got the news of Chinese apps being banned, we started pushing the app in all of our WhatsApp groups and social media feeds. We were lucky to be picked by a few big influencers, which gave us the initial push. That, coupled with a simply, easy to use product, started increasing our install numbers.

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  • Free to use

While this seems like the ideal story of an Indian startup venturing up to develop and fill the void from a superior known Chinese application, it appears that Kaagaz Scanner despite everything has some best approach.