Many of the spring/summer 2019 print trends came from a mixed affinity for travel, leisure and wistfulness towards more bohemian times, with this encompassing an abundance of tie-dye, paisley, and silk print patterns. Traditional spring and summertime prints like floral's also made an appearance, while animal prints, which have been trendy for a few seasons now, firmly remained so for the spring 2019 print trends as well.


Men’s summer looks are going to be all about casual elegance this season. Versatility and comfort, as well as an urban style, are going to be the main characters on men’s looks. Elegance and comfort get along wonderfully because designers rely on different groups of style and conceive timeless clothing items that fit in different kinds of wardrobes and that can be worn casually or on special occasions. It’s clear that the trends for men are gradually heading for a life cycle that lasts longer than just one term (seasonless).


   Spring/summer 2019 is the season of the print, with almost every designer embracing statement prints and patterns. Stylists are not shy to mix the spring/summer 2019 prints and patterns together in outfits, so we are witnessing some serious power clashing.


Following are some print & pattern techniques to be considered while grabbing best SS'19 look for your wardrobe!



Tie-Dye Accents

If you want to embrace the colorful and boho side of spring 2019, look no further than the tie-dye trend. We saw some designers use tie-dye motifs in an explicit nod to the '60s, while others found unique ways to use this fabric dyeing technique to achieve modern effects. Tie-dye was a big hit when it came to the prints we saw for the spring/summer 2019 fashion trends, using both bright colors and pastels to play with an old fabric dyeing technique in all kinds of new and interesting ways.

      The unique method of tie-dying is making a comeback this season, but with a redefinition that leads to simpler and smarter looks, even if the artisanal touch that characterizes this method is never lost. That natural washed dye effect is brought back in textures and original colors, which reflects the designers’ enthusiasm to combine relaxed styles with a slightly luxurious urban version.



Animal Prints

Animal prints have been having their moment all of winter, showing up in both expected and unexpected places, and in totally new silhouettes. It is lovely to see the animal prints continues into the spring/summer 2019 print trends, especially with cheetah, zebra, and snakeskin patterns.



One of the more austere spring 2019 print trends was checked patterns, especially on jackets and tops. While checks are still quite a traditional feature, they have been updated to fit perfectly in current youthful styles. Its wide color combination goes from kind of neutral shades to blue and bright red ones, which creates modern and elegant designs. Sartorial looks include different kinds of checks, such as Glenn, Scottish and traditional Window checks that are combined unevenly in outstanding looks.



Feeling Wordy

Words are a powerful tool that many designers chose to wield for the spring/ summer 2019 print trends, especially on their more casual designs. While in past fashion seasons slogans would get political, this year they were definitely more on the silly side of things.


Florals for Days

If florals hadn’t been part of the spring 2019 print trends I would have rioted. Once the spring season rolls around, outfits covered in floral's are the perfect way of celebrating, and with so many different ways of utilizing these vivacious prints, anyone can enjoy.

       The patterns of leaves, plants and flowers play with the senses and cause a feeling of fascination, which strengthens its meaning and takes on a dazzling effect that is displayed as lights that shine on the dark. The variety of sizes and shapes matches all kinds of covers and surfaces.



Polka Dots

Polka dots are a fun design element that pairs wonderfully with spring garments. We saw both cute, slightly retro takes on polka dots in the spring 2019 print trends and some more modern uses that had dots splashed over items in clever ways.


Portraits and Photos

The spring 2019 prints and patterns are definitely iconic on many of the runways, but some of the ones that really stood out were the portraits, figures, and faces printed on some of the garments.


Paisley Prints

The paisley pattern is associated with all kinds of exotic, far-off locals. Since wanderlust was a motif running through many of this season’s collection, paisley was a shoo-in for the spring/summer 2019 pattern trends. The original paisley design comes from Persian artwork, but the name refers to the Scottish town where paisley printed fabrics were produced once the pattern became popular in the West.


Stripes Going Every Which Way

Solid stripes are one of those patterns that behave almost like a neutral, and as such, they were plentiful in the spring 2019 print trends. There was a near even mixture of diagonal, horizontal, and vertical stripes gracing all kinds of runways.



Busy Ethnic Patterns

The spring/summer 2019 print trends come to bring oriental tales to our wardrobes with the ethnic patterns reigning supreme on the runways. Intricate rug and coin patterns and ethnic floral motifs graced the collections of designers across the world beckoning to the bold out there that love wearing busy patterns from head to toe.


Printed silk

Silk is one of the oldest fabrics in the world, having been spun for hundreds of years presented in a range of vivid prints. And now is carried to men fashion, used silk for flowing shirting and something more.

Print Techno.png


Styling Mantra


"Men's printed shirts area key pieces in any wardrobe. Choose sophisticated paisley prints or sporty styles with camouflage or floral designs. Incorporate a printed shirt into your casual outfits and add a touch of class to your day to day."