STUPid Love

all- new pink fantasia of classic Gaga pop


American singer and songwriter Lady Gaga released her new single and music video on Friday.

Gaga goes intergalactic with new song Stupid Love’s video, fans say ‘thank you for saving pop music once again’


In the fantastical new video for “Stupid Love,” opens with strings the lines: “The world rots in conflict. Many tribes battle for dominance. While the Spiritual ones pray and sleep for peace, the Kindness punks fight for.......... CHROMATICA”,

along with that we see group of people circle around two men, in distinct attire, as the duo fights.




Seconds later, pink bold alphabets Stupid Love flashes on screen, Lady Gaga in a pink body suit with background dancers sing and dance to her new song, turning those strings into a electro-dance jam.

It appears that Lady Gaga and her gang, from outer space have come down to knock some sense into the inhabitants of this planet.



The music video for Lady Gaga’s first single “Stupid Love” off her highly anticipated 6th studio album, now rumored to be titled Chromatica

(based on that ending), was unleashed officially and legally to the world Friday night.

The song might sound familiar to some, but the music video is an all-new pink fantasia of classic Gaga pop.

Lady Gaga fans like myself have (for years) asked of her in anticipation of her sixth studio album Chromatica , nicknamed






Haus Labs dropped an exclusive photo on Instagram of the singer sporting a pink monochromatic look, along with the caption: "Entering a true Gaga era like..."


The brand further revealed that Gaga's beauty is the resulting brainchild of Global Director of Artistry Sarah Tanno, with hair and nails created by Fredericas Piras and Miho Nails respectively.

A number of Haus Labs products were used to craft the pop-meets-punk look. Meaning, you can get gear up for Mother Monster's drop wearing her full glam. Tanno first started by lining the lips using the RIP Lip Liner in Slayer. That was then followed by swiping Le Monster Matte Lip Crayon in Rebel all over the lips. The final touch was ultra-stylized wings created using Liquid Eye-lie-ner in Punk. 




sourced from wikipedia


Following the song's leak, Harper's Bazaar described "Stupid Love" as an "upbeat cut with big vocals and dance and electronic-inspired production", seemingly "poised to be another radio hit from the singer".

Michael Cuby of Nylon described the song as a "mix between 'Bad Kids' and 'The Edge of Glory' with a beat that instantly recalls the joyous electropop of 'Do What U Want'", and "the type of song you can easily imagine both blasting out of an expensive sound-system at your local gay club and out of a car speaker as it speeds down the highway with its top down in the summertime".

Variety described the leaked version as a "disco-infused anthem whose style harkens back to Gaga's Born This Way album".

Writing for Rolling Stone, Claire Shaffer and Althea Legaspi described the song as a "dance jam", while Ben Kaye of Consequence of Sound as an "electronic disco banger".


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