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The Bloggers Mail Magazine welcomes all the readers to its first issue, The Bloggers Mail Magazine or TBM Magz. Is a first ever-digital magazine curated by bloggers themselves. The November 2019 issues featured the known Face, "Vipin Changani" winner of Amazon prime reality series "Skulls and Roses " (2019) who talked about his family , lifestyle , future goals and his passion for sports that made him a national level player.


Also, this month, we felt the pain delhites who are surviving under the "severe plus" or "emergency" condition as per the AQI and living along while Breathing in Toxin. The next part in the edition also gave an insight of Tokyo Motor Show as a concept on the prevalent theme — Electrification, taking in consideration of the aged population in japan car makers went beyond to share mobility, autonomous driving, and even beyond the car itself. We all know how difficult it has become to make a choice over a good smartphone therefore in our edition we bring a solution to problem by comparing the pros, and cons of two major players in the market i.e the Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max and Samsung Galaxy Note 10+.

The TBM also presents expert story on travel that brought a glimpse of Jaisalmer as a place with gold and scintillating Smiles. Not only travel, but we also let you have advice over food choice. Our foodie explored quality food especially curated keeping in mind the street food culture and the changing culinary taste of the millennial at the Cafe Hawkers. After exploring new places and cuisine, it's time to burn some calories to have balance routine. So, we introduce a column featuring a routine to Burn out extra fat with FIVE best exercises that will target multiple muscles, rev your metabolism, and torch calories. Lastly, TBM brought expert advice over fashion trends featuring story on "The Business of Fashion" - how an iconic ensemble represents the past, present, and future of men's fashion? and the amalgamation of fitness with fashion. As per director, Nishant Kumar Tomar "TBM is a new creative way to bring out of box thinkers under one roof collaborating and sharing their content, giving recognition so that it generates new ideas and work for individuals. He firmly believes that "There is something for everyone!"


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